Project rules

Rules of the HillMine project.


AFK(abbreviation for away from the keyboard) is a player's state when his character is on the server, but the player himself is not currently using the device on which the game client is running.

Bug- a software error, i.e. program behavior that does not correspond to what the developer intended. Such bugs can be either unnoticeable or insignificant, or they can lead to game crash or data loss.

Wipe- the complete deletion of any information. In Minecraft, this term refers to the complete erasure of the game map - all the buildings, blocks and so on. In other words, the map is deleted and a new one is generated instead.

Griefing- the act of causing moral or material damage to people in computer games. In other words, it is in-game vandalism. In Minecraft, gryfering is mainly done by destroying other people's buildings or making harmful or unauthorized changes to them, depriving players of game property.

Dupe— a bug in the game that allows the player to clone items they have.

Crash- game crash.

Rollback- in a multiplayer game is the downloading of an older version of a certain section of the map or the entire map from the server's saved database. The rollback occurs due to technical (abnormal computer power failure) or game (attack by gryffers) reasons.

TPS- number of clock cycles per second. The higher this figure is, the more productive the server is. Normal TPS in the game and on the server is 18-20.0.

FPS- the number of frames per second. The higher this indicator, the "smoother" the image changes on the screen.

Chunk- placing a large amount of homogeneous information or useless symbols

Caps- capitalizing text

Permanent- constant, uninterrupted.

1. Communication

1.1It is forbidden: 1) To insult or mock (in the form of trolling) players or their relatives 2) To create conflict situations by inciting a third party to violate the rules 3) To threaten violence in real life 4) To send piquant or sexual (pornographic) messages 5) To organize discrimination, bullying on the basis of gender, orientation, religious views. 6) Use mat (including veiled/spoken) or foul language in any form, if its content in the message is more than 30% and its use was not necessary.
PunishmentMute from 15 minutes | Ban up to 7 days

1.2Any inappropriate criticism/insulting/insulting/humiliation/abuse/provocation/off-topic messages/trolling towards the Project Team or the Project (server) as a whole is prohibited.
PunishmentMute from 15 minutes | Ban from 1 day | Permanent ban

1.3Any kind of begging (resources, change of day and night, build a house; unban, unmute your or someone else's account, etc.) from players/project team is forbidden.
PunishmentMute from 5 minutes | For relapse - mut from 1 hour.

1.4It is forbidden: 1) Send the same type of messages no more than 2 times in 3 minutes 2) Advertise game services (warp, store, ...) more than once every 5 minutes. 3) Flooding/spamming (Including with commands/queries). 4) Use more than 50% capsize in a message (Except for abbreviations). 5) Post messages that do not make sense.
PunishmentMute from 15 minutes | Ban up to 7 days

1.5It is forbidden to start rumors about deliberately false changes on the servers, as well as about wipe.
PunishmentMute from 3 hours

1.6It is forbidden to cheat players like: Press key combination ** and get **!
PunishmentMute from an hour.

1.7It is forbidden to ask a player to leave so that someone else can come in.
PunishmentKick from the server

0. Basic concepts

0.1By registering on the site, the user automatically confirms their awareness of and agreement to this set of rules.

0.1.1The user undertakes to keep themselves informed of any changes to the rules.

0.2The project is a structure providing game services, without any guarantee of correct operation. You agree that any lost game resources, payments, items purchased in the online store and other items will not be refunded under any conditions or circumstances.

0.3You confirm your agreement that the project administration has no obligations to you and accept that the game on the project is provided "as is" and waive any claims to their decisions and actions. You agree that other team members also do not have any additional obligations to you, except for the general and official obligations specified in this set of rules.

0.4The project administration reserves the right to close the user the ability to play on the game servers of the project at its discretion.

0.5When blocking the account the administration does not return any game values and does not transfer them to third parties. Also game values can be removed if: 1) The player can not provide evidence of their receipt. 2) The player was absent from the project for 15 or more days. 3) Server vyp was announced. 4) There was a technical failure for reasons beyond the control of the administration.

0.6The rules of communication apply to all types of information transfer on servers.

0.7It is forbidden to register game nicknames: 1) Consisting of meaningless set of symbols/numbers 2) Violating the norms of morality and decency 3) Having advertising connotation 4) Containing offensive, obscene or sexual (pornographic) character 5) Similar to the nicknames of the Project Team 6) Containing technical words (Server, Op, Admin,...).
PunishmentPermanent lockout

0.8It is forbidden to install skins or cloaks: 1) Similar to the skins/cloaks of the project team 2) Containing offensive or obscene character 3) Containing sexual (pornographic) character 4) Containing advertising connotation 5) Relating to Nazism 6) Displaying symbolism related to current or recent military conflicts.
PunishmentWarning | Permanent lockout

0.9Any commercial activity (buying, exchanging, selling, providing any services for real money, etc.) is prohibited on the servers.
PunishmentPermanent lockout with confiscation of game valuables

0.10Advertising and mentioning of external projects in any form is forbidden.
PunishmentMute for 30 minutes | Ban starting from one hour

0.11It is forbidden to use third-party software, clickers, hacking programs, bugs, flaws, dupes or other non-standard means to gain an advantage over other players, or to spread any information about their existence.
PunishmentPermanent lockout

0.12Administration and other project staff keep logs (records) of all player actions (including by means of automatic request of screenshots unilaterally) on the server and all messages of game chat.

0.13More than 1 game account per user is prohibited.
PunishmentPermanent lockout of all accounts

2. Rules of game servers

2.1It is forbidden to attempt to destabilize the server economy. It is forbidden to give away ANY resources, if you want to "Raffle on the event" these resources, contact the project team and only under its control and permission to conduct this event.
PunishmentBan from 1 day | Permanent ban

2.1Participation in giveaways is prohibited.
PunishmentBan from 1 day | Permanent ban

2.2It is forbidden to build AFK machines and mechanisms, as well as use scripts and macros for AFK. (The AFK bypass privilege only gives you the right to stay on the server at one point without being kicked from the server).
PunishmentBan from 1 hour

2.3It is forbidden to be on someone else's territory and interfere with the game process, if the owner of the claim is against it.
PunishmentWarning | Ban from 1 hour

2.4It is forbidden to spoil the appearance of the island, the map: 1) It is forbidden to leave pillars (if they are not used for marking) and to put blocks in random order. 2) It is forbidden to dig deep pits that can kill a player if he falls into it. 3) It is forbidden to build Nazi Germany symbols or swastikas. 4) Pointless spilling of liquids is forbidden. 5) Pointless constructions (block in the air, etc.) are forbidden.
PunishmentRemoval of buildings and ban from 1 day

2.5It is forbidden to create house/warp points in the following cases: 1) If the point is a trap for other players. 2) It is forbidden to dig deep pits that can kill a player if he falls into it. 3) If the point is more than 6 blocks high. 4) If the point is on someone else's privat/shop (without permission of the owner of the privat/shop).
PunishmentRemoval of house/warp point and ban from 1 day

2.6It is forbidden to create traps for players of any kind (blocking portals and so on), kill with a bucket of lava, lighter or other means that can injure/kill.
PunishmentRemoval of buildings and ban from 1 day

2.7It is forbidden to erect/build mechanisms or structures that cause server lags/collapse.
PunishmentRemoval of buildings and ban from 1 day

2.8Griefing in any form is forbidden.
PunishmentBan from 3 days | Permanent ban

2.9It is forbidden to cheat players (when exchanging, etc.).
PunishmentBan from 1 day | Permanent ban

2.10It is forbidden to sell/exchange/... resources to players (including those who are in the same private with you) if they have achieved creative (creative, ...) items.
Explanation:A player (and everyone in the same claim with him) who has achieved creative (or other items that allow you to get any resources out of thin air) items is prohibited from selling and/or otherwise trading with other players. Other players, in turn, are prohibited from buying items from such players. Selling resources to players who have achieved creative items(...) is only allowed for coins. If both players have achieved the same creative items, they are allowed to trade with each other.
PunishmentBan from 1 day | Permanent ban

2.11It is forbidden to legally duping (creative enhancement, ...) cases and other items that can only be obtained by purchasing.
PunishmentBan from 1 day | Permanent ban